Monday, 10 June 2013

Cold Ashes

This story is interesting. The description is fantastic, and leaves me satisfied. The words describing the setting are so real that I feel myself right there, beside the characters. Also, the mood and tone are set perfectly, it gives me a slight chill on the back of my neck. For example, when Ryan is bit on the wrist, the kind of approach on how to describe is put me on the edge of my seat. The following actions made me excited, and desperate to read more. And as I continue on, I find more parts propelling me forward, desperate to find out what will happen next.

I saw almost no flaws in this story. Maybe a spelling error here or there, but nothing major. It’s very well written, and the grammar is almost spot on. But then again, the storyline seems to be also dragging. Yes, the detail is fantastic, and the setting is outstanding, but the pace of the story is kind of slow. A little too slow to be relaxing, but fast enough to where it’s boring.

Overall, I think this story is pretty amazing. I would recommend it more to boys than girls, because of the feel of the story. The grammar is outstanding, and the detail is fabulous. The story will keep you wanting more. I don’t think it will ever get boring, considering the storyline seems to be pretty solid. The pace, despite feeling slow, is needed to get the feel of the setting. Again, not relaxing, but that shouldn’t matter because this story is meant to send chills up your spine, not put you to sleep.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Dreamer's Cycle: Born of Fire Volume One

This makes me feel like I’m reading a never ending poem. Honestly, the descriptiveness is so magical feeling and it really gets you relaxed, but it starts out not feeling like a story but just a run-on of words.

In any case, I find this very well done. Very professional and I hope to see it win the Watty awards. Things of improvement is the chapters feel too long, too slow as well, they feel like they drag on forever when reading. It’s a great style, to have and I’m not dissing it, I’m just giving my personal opinion.

It’s an interesting plot and I recommend this to the reader who is looking for a dreamy fantasy with heavy imagery and descriptiveness. Very well written, very well done. Just not for me, but I wish the author luck in their writing career. 

The Mutant Star Tragedy

This story is brilliant. It should have more readers and votes than its got. This is for someone who wants a Sci-Fi Scare. This will make you cringe, the way it was worded I’m an impressed with the descriptiveness, it sometimes can get graphic and gross you out, but that’s why it’s great.

The summary may not be all that intriguing at first, but the story kept me hooked. I love seeing the author’s dedication and effort within this read and I look forward to reading more to this book. An end of the world book or movie has becoming something sometimes boring, cliché and done too much… But this story is one of the apocalyptic books I am loving.

Grammar and sometimes perspective could be better. But in any case, if you’re looking for an apocalyptic story, I highly recommend this for you. This story is R-rated for a reason though. If you’re squeamish to murder, rape, abduction, stomach churning violence… This story not for you, but I will swear this story makes all the horror feel real. And that means the author has made a successful story.

Monday, 3 June 2013

My King

Where do I begin? I think this is interesting. I think this story could go far. The plot is not completely original, but the storyline itself is quite fabulous. I enjoyed reading about the main character’s conflict, and I enjoyed how realistic the reactions were to the plot twist and certain characters. The grammar is great as well. I saw no flaws in it, and I could tell that setting plays a giant roll in the character’s speech, which was portrayed greatly again.

If I had to give the author something to work on, I guess it would just be storyline. There’s a lot of room to really do anything with it. There’s also a chance that the story could fall off it’s high horse and into a big pile of shit. But, I just can’t really see that happening, even if there’s a possibility. So, in saying that, what I suggest is try to eliminate any possibility that this story could go wrong.

Overall, I like this story. I wouldn’t go as far to say I love it, considering there isn’t enough of the story to really draw me in. Of course, it got me interested, but it didn’t grab me, and hold me tight. I would mostly recommend it to girls, seeing as it gave me a fairy tale feel.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

End Game

I can say this is a ChickLit story, I usually hate these types of stories, this genre but this story was bearable. Take that as a compliment. I have to read stories and review them when the author requests me to review, can be any genre and when I see a ChickLit… I honestly cringe.

Yet, this was well written, emotion portrayed well and I love how many girls— Or at least how I can relate. I don’t always agree with what’s going on, but it’s nice seeing how the main character is growing. All and all this is a good story and I recommend it if you’re looking for a ChickLit Romance.

I won’t— can’t honestly say anything bad about this story, give it a slight edit and it’s very professionally done. It’s a perfect ChickLit, self-acceptance and heartbreak. Bravery and vulnerability. These emotions show through in the main character and I find this very well done. The author knows how to keep readers reading, even the ones who do not like ChickLits. Be proud and keep writing. :)

Family Goes Beyond Blood

This story will make you cry! The raw emotion this story has— how the author portrays them is unbelievable. It really drags you into read this story, the plot is pretty simple but it’s the descriptiveness and writing ability that keeps me reading

Only fix there could be is some small spelling and grammar errors. Nothing major, more like a slip of the finger to the wrong letter on the keyboard. Give this story a quick edit and it is something the author should be proud of.

I wish I could say I recommend this story to anyone, but honestly it may not be something some readers can bare. If you can relate to your family being murdered of some sort, than probably not for you if it will only bring back the pain. Because even if you cannot relate, this story will make you feel sad in the pit of your stomach.

Amazing how the author wrote this, I hope it is completely fictional… I know these types of stories happen in real life, but I don’t know, the way this was written is all to breath-taking, makes you read on in awe and a cold sweat. It’s addicting for even though it is a tragedy… Look for the romance ahead. The thing I like about this, moral of the story perhaps… it’s all about, facing and healing from life’s troubles. We all have to do it whether we like it or not. I highly recommend this story. 

Monday, 27 May 2013

Laughter House

This story is outstanding, and it’s plot is amazing. I like how dark and creepy, yet childish and naive it is. The mix of those qualities is very unique and makes this very entertaining to read. The grammar is good for the most part, but the amount of the description could be amped. Though, in saying that, this story is truly brilliant and I enjoyed reading it.

Things the author could work on, would be your description. Instead of using such bleak words, try to bump up the vocabulary. It would make the story much more eerie. I feel that when I’m reading it, I am just reading a rough draft, and more will be added later. More of what you ask? Sensory details. As I read this, I longed for long descriptions of how creepy and eerie the house was. For example, when the author described the sudden giggle in the fifth chapter, I longed to read something more bold. So, maybe adding richer and more descriptive words in the story would give it more of a creepier, and heart racing feel. That’s all I feel needs to be worked on.

Overall, I would recommend this story to everyone. Why? For one, it’s appropriate for anyone. Second, the plot, is kid friendly and even though it’s creepy, and dark, it’s beautiful and interesting. Third, the pace is slow enough for anyone to follow, yet fast enough to keep you drawn in and interested. So, in my opinion, this is the book to read if you feel the need to read something mysterious or angsty.